About us

Premier-Energo was established in 2007.

We are offering complex engineering services for power industry such as

  • development of design documentation for high-voltage objects
  • complex engineering surveys
  • 110 kV compact switchgear assemblies (Hypact) production
  • fulfilling general designer and general contractor functions
  • equipment and materials supply for power industry objects.

We take an individual approach to every project and pride ourselves on delivering high quality work.

Our departments have necessary resources to carry out independent projects as well as work as a part of a complex project.

Design Department

Creates design documentation, obtains approval of State Expertise and other necessary authorities, provides designer supervision during objects construction and putting into operation.

Surveying Department

Carries out a full complex of surveys required for implementation of design and construction works:
- geodesic, geological, ecological, geotechnical, hydrometeorogical etc.

Production Department

In association with GE Grid GmbH Company produces compact switchgear assemblies HYpact for power industry. Also offers commissioning, erection supervision work, after-sale and post-warranty service, equipment and materials supply to power industry objects.

Strategy Department

Develops and implements strategic initiatives.

The Company has completed over 100 projects, 90 of them have been put into operation. We consider our staff to be the main driver of our success. Our hiring process is aimed at finding the best candidates with significant practical experience in power industry.

The main office of Premier Energo is located in Irkutsk. The Company has branch offices in Moscow, Cheboksary, Germany (EU) and Kazakhstan (CIS).


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