Chitaenergo – JSC IDGC of Siberia - review for the working project of ‘Zabaikalsk’ 110 kV substation reconstruction made by Premier-Energo in the beginning of 2008

The project of ‘Zabaikalsk’ 110 kV Substation reconstruction was worked out by Premier-Energo in the first quarter of 2008.
The work was finished on time, contract obligations were completely fulfilled.
The project was worked out on a good technical level. Among the main advantages of Premier-Energo key specialists work we can mention the ability to develop the documentation in accordance with modern conditions:
- state-of –the-art equipment use;
- creative approach to project development;
- the ability to solve arising problems promptly.

The performed work is worth being well evaluated from the technical point of view.

A.N. Perevoznikov
Deputy Director on Capital Construction

An extract from the expert report of JSC Irkutskenergo about Ust-Ilimsk Themal power plant object

The working project for the object ‘Ust-Ilimsk HEPS key single line diagram’ was worked out by engineering company Premier-Energo Ltd. in accordance with the technical task confirmed by A. Peretokin – JSC Irkutskenergo Power Production Deputy Director – Chief Engineer.
Having investigated the project the commission of experts came to conclusion that the project complied with all active norms and standards and the documentation could be approved.

V.I. Gavrushenko
Deputy Technical Director of Exploitation

Review for the working documentation performed by Premier-Energo for Tyumenskiye Power Grids - Tyumenenergo affiliate.

Premier-Energo is developing the working project ‘Nizhnyaya Tavda’ Substation reconstruction with feeding 110 kV power transmission line now. According to the Contract the project term is from the 16th of June, 2008 till the 30th of April, 2009.
Till the present time Premier-Energo has fulfilled the following stages of working project development: basic data collection on the object, main technical decisions development, engineering surveys of the substation site. All works were fulfilled on time.

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