Personnel management policy

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Premier-Energo now has over 100 highly qualified specialist working across all its affiliates. The united efforts of our team ensure the dynamic development of the Company. We embrace innovation and closely follow the latest technological advancement in power engineering. Young professionals are provided with access to the state-of-art equipment. They also receive guidance and mentoring from our experienced managers, who are happy to share their knowledge in power industry.

Our company considers the employees to be the most important driver of corporate success. That is why Premier-Energo is striving to adhere to high international standards of corporate culture and personnel. The Company’s management pays great attention to providing the staff with the most comfortable labor conditions and social guaranties and compensations.

Company offers the following benefits:

  • Compensation package and official recruitment in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation
  • Timely payment and competitive salary rates
  • Career development
  • Opportunities to participate in sporting activities
  • Professional development
  • Team-building and corporate events

In Premier-Energo we are aiming to find the most efficient way for turning ideas into real projects. We propose you to take a step to disclose your own internal potential.

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